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Fuse Box In Basememt - Fuse Boxes With Covers. An exposed box is less attractive than a box with a lid, but that gray metal door is not decorative. The door is metal so it's perfect for magnets. Turn it into a message center where you can post notes, photos, and the kids' artwork. A dry erase board with magnets on the back adheres nicely to the metal door of a fuse box.. Basement Electrical Wiring Electrical Question: I am updating the electrical wiring in my basement and changing from the fuse boxes to a circuit breaker panel. Main Electrical Power The home main panel is in the basement with a couple of fuse boxes. I am replacing this with a circuit breaker box.. Jul 28, 2005  · The fuse box is in the basement, and everytime a fuse blows we have to wait until he gets home to turn our electricity back on. Its an old house, so the fuse blows quite often in the summer. I have asked the landlord for a key to access the basement when he is not home, or to install a circuit breaker box that is located in my unit..

Tenants cannot access fuse box in the basement because tenants living in basement deny access to it. We live in a 3 units private house. Each floor of the house is rented by tenants. The house is. The Fuse Box Is In the Basement By Elton Camp When one circuit goes out at night It gets me in an embarrassing tight It’s that fuse that has blown before But to replace it, I do so abhor The switch is at the foot of the stair It’s pitch black in the basement there To hunt the flashlight I never. Idea for hiding a fuse box. Not sure if I want to use this exact idea, but it gets me thinking Great for my laundry room When we bought this house the laundry room was just about the worst I had ever seen. I did not want to even be in this room. Bulletin board that covers the fuse box-This small.

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