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Fuse Box Hot Wire - There should be two hot wires and one neutral wire running into the fuse box from the meter. These will be the larger wires with the neutral wire being either white or bare copper.. Nov 25, 2009  · Fuse box terminal very hot: Hi i have encountered a problem with my fuse box terminal. It gets so hot that it melted the plastic covering. Also my battery gauge is very low and sometimes goes so low my gauges and lights cut off when idling.My abs light is always on (abs fuse is in that fuse box.) But by performing voltage drop tests. The fuse box in your home is there for protection against power surges and potentially life threatening fires.When there is an overload in the system, caused by a short or some other electrical power surge, the fuse will blow instead of letting the power flow continue on to an electrical device..

Protecting the Box Fuse boxes, like this one, are less common these days than circuit breaker panels, but they work just fine — unless someone installs fuses with a. A fusible link protects the fuse panel, and protects a wire two gauges larger than itself. For instance in an EZ Wiring kit, a 10-gauge wire is protected by a 14-gauge fusible link.. PROPER FUSE RATING TO WIRE SIZE Wire Gauge (copper) Fuse Rating Comment 22 gauge (ga.) -- 24 volt thermostat, 10-16 volt doorbell 4 ga. 70 to 85 amp Service entrance wire on old 60 amp main main service panel, causing the fuse to blow. To find wattage, you multiply amperage by voltage..

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