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Fuse Box Home Insurance - Fuse box basically is an electrical circuit.If this fuse box caught on fire inssurance must cover because there is no fault of the user behind that.and if both fuse box and wiring burnt up due to some accidental happening inssurance must cover the loss and sufficient amount should be given to homeowners.. Often, the main panel has been upgraded with a newer circuit breaker box but certain components or parts of the home are served by a fuse panel. Homeowners may allow a part of the home to remain on an old fuse box to save money in avoiding re-wiring that section of the home.. Michigan Insurance for a home with Fuse Box. Because of all the problems that can be found with a fuse box, insurance companies will often charge a premium for homes with fused boxes, or they will deny covering your home..

Wiring problems in old homes can be an inconvenience or a serious fire hazard depending on the severity of the issue. which can get you discounted homeowners insurance. updating an older home it is important to make sure the amps in your fuse box match the capacity of the wiring in your home. If you overload the fuse box it can catch on. Fuse Box panels, as shown above have become obsolete and in many jurisdictions a homeowner cannot get home insurance if they have a fuse panel installed. Insurance companies see the convenience to over size the fuse on a circuit as a potential hazard.. Jan 29, 2010  · If the house has a regular breaker box and only a sub-panel of fuses, I wouldn't worry about it too much. If in doubt and you want the house, hire a certified electrician to do an inspection. I don't think there would be problems with home-owners insurance.

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